How to withdraw Bitcoin from a wallet? 2

How to withdraw Bitcoin from Blockchain wallet (Bitcoin Wallet) to a card through an exchanger

Cryptocurrency can be cashed from a cold wallet through any of the electronic exchanges, of which there are several hundred. The only question is not to get caught by scammers and save on commissions. To do this, we recommend using the monitor website. Here is a list of verified exchanges with reviews of real investors.

How to withdraw Bitcoins from a wallet to a card:

  • In the left menu, select the cryptocurrency that will be displayed, and the direction of the output: Yandex. Money, Sberbank or Alfa-Bank card, etc. In the right window, monitoring will offer a list of exchanges that support this operation.
  • We select the exchanger, focusing on the following criteria: the amount of commission and exchange rate, official exchanger wallet rating (BL for WebMoney, TS for Perfect Money), exchange mode (manual, semi-automatic, automatic), go to the exchanger page.
  • On the site of the exchanger, we check the availability of the reserve (if the conversion of the MTC occurs in another cryptocurrency) and study the FAQ.
  • We pass registration (a prerequisite). We indicate the number of the wallet and the number of the card (wallet) to which the transfer is made.

The output speed is different. A transfer is considered to be fast within 10-15 minutes, but it happens that the transaction freezes for several days. By the way, this monitoring provides the possibility of withdrawing money through exchangers directly from the EXMO exchange, bypassing wallets.

How to withdraw Bitcoin to Visa, MasterCard, and e-wallets

The most common wallets are WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex. Money, Perfect Money. The scheme for withdrawing cryptocurrency to electronic wallets is no different from output to cold wallets or to a card. The only difference is whether verification is needed at the time of withdrawal or not, in the amount of the commission and whether the exchange (exchanger) supports such an opportunity. The same thing with bank cards. On the exchange website or exchanger, you need to select the appropriate item and specify the details.

Conclusion All of these methods are not complicated. The first acquaintance with wallets and transfer schemes can be puzzling, but exchanges, exchangers, and wallets have an intuitive interface and conversion instructions. And you already understood the general output scheme from the review. But there are several problems, the understanding of which comes already in practice:

  1. The more intermediaries in the chain, the greater the risk of losing money:
  • Before withdrawing a coin from a bitcoin wallet to a card, check whether the payment system itself supports this function. For example, PayPal representatives try to block all payments with cryptocurrencies. In the best case, the payment will not go to the card, in the worst the entire account will be blocked.
  • Check the reliability of the exchangers you work with. There are frequent cases when fraudsters disguise themselves as an exchanger. The investor transfers the money, but the fiat does not come under various pretexts. How to choose an exchanger is the topic of a separate article.
  • Remember that cryptocurrency exchange accounts are hacked, there is a risk of technical failures. And in case of problems, there is no one to appeal to – in the cryptocurrency world there are no courts, regulators or ombudsmen.
  1. The more intermediaries, the more commission. Wallets, exchanges, and exchangers each work with their own set of partners. For example, to transfer money to a card, you may need the chain “Exchange – exchanger A – exchanger B – card”. Often the problem arises not how to withdraw Bitcoins from the wallet, but how to do it in terms of optimizing risk and total costs.

A much simpler alternative is Forex cryptocurrency trading. Brokers have more than 12-15 options for withdrawing money without the need for intermediaries to participate in this chain. And although brokers do not provide for the withdrawal of real cryptocurrency to the wallet, this option is more reliable and less costly in terms of commissions. I recommend getting to know him better by looking at the trading conditions. Exchange, wallets or Forex: what investment option would you choose?

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