Litecoin Review Part 2

Where to buy and store Litecoin

It would seem that the popularity of cryptocurrency was supposed to provide it with an even distribution of trade turnover, which would indicate a reduction in risks and equal interest of investors from around the world. However, the greatest turnover accounted for OKEx ( okex . Com ) – about 27-30%...

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How to withdraw Bitcoin from a wallet? 2

How to withdraw Bitcoin from Blockchain wallet (Bitcoin Wallet) to a card through an exchanger

Cryptocurrency can be cashed from a cold wallet through any of the electronic exchanges, of which there are several hundred. The only question is not to get caught by scammers and save on commissions. To do this, we recommend using the monitor website...

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Dash Cryptocurrency Part 2

Mining DASH

One of the differences between DASH and other similar cryptocurrencies was the rejection of the usual Scrypt and SHA-256 algorithms. The coin system is built on the X11 algorithm, which provides 11 hashing directions.

There are several mining variations:

  • on the processor. Used when the processor power of the computer is not fully utilized. Programs: Cpuminer, Minerd, Xcoin-miner;
  • on t...
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Dash Cryptocurrency: Overview of Benefits, Mining, and Prospects

Dash cryptocurrency review: the essence of a startup, features, and differences from other anonymous coins. Where to buy, store and how to mine Dash. Prospects for cryptocurrency quotes.

Cryptocurrency Dash is one of the most famous representatives of the family of anonymous coins, which occupies an honorable place in the TOP-15 in the ranking of startups in terms of capitalization...

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Litecoin Review

The essence of the Litecoin project, the main differences from Bitcoin. Where to buy, store and how to mine Litecoin. Prospects for cryptocurrency quotes.

The Litecoin cryptocurrency is called silver, comparing it with Bitcoin, which rightfully owns gold. Initially, the coin was created as a backup version of the military-technical cooperation, which for a long time had no analogs...

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